Time For A Target Run


It’s Summer Time and its time for a Target run. I have a small shopping addiction, to say the least, and Target is part of that addiction. But my addiction does not cost me a lot of money.  I know what most people are going to say because I have heard it many times. Target is too expensive but I have found out that it is and can be cheaper than other big box companies. Did you know that Target price matches just like other company and have you downloaded their Cartwheel App? I love that App.

So Target has a store brand called “up and up” and their grocery brand is called Archer Farms and they have a great Organic brand called Simply Balanced. They also have what I guess they could call their generic brand called Market Pantry. Now unlike most store and generic brands, Target has coupons in their Cartwheel App that you can use on their already lower priced products. And then they usually do a coupon such as if you buy $20 of meat you get a $5 Target gift card. I love it during back to school because I can save so much money and I don’t have to go to 5 different stores to get a good deal. Also, I love it because if you see something is on sale on Target.com and not in the store they will price match on their own website, Walmart does not do this.

I also have a Target Red Card which I love because Target will give you 5% off of your whole purchase. So if I have my coupons and use my Cartwheel App and use my Target Red Card and have them price match I am paying less than the other big box companies.

Now we also buy shoes and clothes and outside/pool stuff there. They usually have a sale like BOB50% off and they will do it on clothes and shoes and sometimes let you mix and match. So we can both get a new swimsuit and get a great deal. Now I have a little trick where I have them ring up some stuff separately and you can save even more money. Because if something is BOG50% and you have 4 times they will take the half off the lowest priced items. Now if you ring up the 2 highest priced items separately you will save more money.

Right now Target is running some amazing offers to shop at Target.com

Now if you don’t have a Target Red Card which I Highly recommend you getting because you will save you so much on everything you can save on shipping If you Spend $35 or more you get free standard shipping.

Now if you are a Red Card holder you always get free shipping no matter how much you spend and you save 5% on everything even the already discounted items and sales item.

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