How To Survive The Fall Season In Arizona

Yay fall is finally here. I love Autumn it’s my favorite season. All the pretty colors and the crisp fall wind. The beautiful evenings out on the back patio. Wait what I live where? Oh, Crap it’s still 98 degrees outside. Yes, and my sweaters are still packed away also.

So I live in Arizona and it’s awesome we love it here but oh my gosh do I miss fall. We really don’t get an Autumn Season here, well at least not here in Phoenix (The Valley Of The Sun). But I have come up with a few things to get me in the fall mood. Here are a few ways I have gotten through this and maybe a few ideas you can use in your own home and family life.

First off we decorate. We decorate with all the fall colors and leaves and pumpkins and anything else that reminds you of fall. I put out leave around my tv and I hang pretty fall color flowers wreaths on my door. Anything to make it seem like fall even though on September 22nd the first day of fall it was 90 degrees and the 21st the day before fall was 98 degrees! So here when we go for our walks and our morning hikes we take our sunscreen, not our sweaters.

Now, this is more of a Halloween look but you can still keep most of it up after Halloween is over for Thanksgiving.

I love a pretty leaf garland. You can hang them anywhere and these that I found on Amazon light up and I love things that sparkle.

So the second thing we do is visit the pumpkin patch. This has always been my favorite thing to do. We used to live in Seattle and I do miss wet rainy days stooping through the mud to find the perfect pumpkin to carve. Well, it’s a little different here in Phoenix. For one they have the pumpkin shipped in from farms up north because it’s too hot to grow pumpkins probably. Also, you can’t really carve pumpkins.

We always go to Mcdonald Ranch it’s pretty awesome. They have a petting zoo and horse rides. They have a train that takes you out to where the pumpkins are. You know you live in a different world when you have to bring Sunscreen and water bottles to the pumpkin patches.



Also like I said here in Phoenix, we have a hard time carving pumpkins and then having them last all the way until Halloween. We have come to either painting the pumpkins or we shave just the skin off the pumpkin.  There is a picture below so you can visualize what I am talking about. This way isn’t as messy either. And if you like to cook the pumpkin seeds you can do that after Halloween because the seeds are safe inside.  The pumpkin lasts longer when you don’t cut all the way through them because in this heat if you actually carve a pumpkin it will last you about 3 days.

These are some of the best tools I have found so far for shaving pumpkins.


So last but not least we drive. We drive until we see the leaves change colors. Well, actually we drive until we see leaves. Up north of Phoenix, they have all 4 Seasons they even get snow. So it’s nice because we can have Phoenix in one hand and then on the other about a 2-3 hour drive and it’s a whole other world. With Sedona and Flagstaff and Payson, you can get just about anything you want with only a couple hours in the car.

This was in Sedona about the beginning of October

So even though we live in this Beautiful state we can still have the beauty and fun of both worlds. Where do you live and do you get all 4 Seasons? Let me know in the comments.


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