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As the new school year gets underway and we are all hustling around buying new school clothes and brand new shoes and that cool new backpack. As we bump carts trying to find the blue and green folders the teachers want and the crayons and markers. We all tend to get caught up in yourself and our own lives, Which is completely normal. But as I walk around buying stuff myself I want to say I heard laughter and excitement for the new year to come but really all I heard is complaining and whining and not from children but from grown adults and it was kind of disturbing really. Mom’s and Dad’s complaining about how much stuff they have to buy I even heard one mom say “they take enough taxes out of my check why don’t they just buy my kid’s school supplies with some of that”. Which at some point is totally true. But I have 2 points to all this.

First, as we are cursing around trying to find the best deals and the right stuff for our children there are hundreds of children out there that are going with out. They will go to school on the first day with the same clothes they wore last year and maybe with no backpack. They don’t have enough money to buy the new Nikes or the cool new Emoji backpack. And some of them will go to school without the supplies they need also. Which makes me my heart hurt but also takes me to my second point the teachers.

The teachers that during the school year spend more time with our children than we do. Who try to teach them not only the math and spelling but also how to be safe, be responsible and be respectful. And also those teachers are spending their own hard earned money to make sure that their classrooms are full of all the stuff they will need for our children to learn.

So what do you do to help out your child’s teachers? Do you buy a few extra pencils or an extra box of crayons have you thought about maybe buying an extra backpack even? I know how it is to be strapped for cash and if you have more than one kid that’s when it can get really expensive. Especially the older kids who aren’t satisfied with a $12 backpack and a $3 binder. But is buying a few other things really going to hurt that bad. Probably NOT.

In the past me and my daughter would go shopping for her school supplies we would toss in a few extra pencils and erasers and a box of crayons and a few other things. But have you ever thought about buying everything on your list twice? One for your child and one for some other child. Well, last year my daughter and I did just this. We call it Supplies For Someone. We pick someone we know that needs a little extra help and we spread the word of what we are doing and if anyone wants to help out and then we go shopping. We buy supplies, backpacks and even clothes sometimes. Now I am pretty good when it comes to deals and coupons so we make sure we do our homework and get the best deals in town and get as many supplies as we can for our dollar.

So I would like to  give you a few ideas or even if you want to help but you don’t have kids so you don’t want to go bump buggies at the store here are a few bundles that you can purchase on Amazon that you can buy and have sent straight to your house and then go drop off at a school or charity of your choosing. Or if you need supplies yourself for your kids this is one of the easiest least stressful ways to buy school supplies. I do most of my shopping online unless there is a better deal in the store I can just have it shipped straight to my front door.

This is one of the bundles I love. It comes in 5 different colors and there is just about everything you could need in the bundle.

There is an emoji theme in my household this year so I had to include this one. It’s a favorite among all the kids this year.

This one would be good for the older kids and it has most the basics in there.

This one is pink and gray but has tons of great stuff in it. Just about everything you would need to start the year out in a great way.

Here are a couple bundles with no backpacks if maybe you are interested in buying more supplies. This is the way I buy my daughters supplies. It’s the best decision about school supplies I have ever made.

I hope that this has been helpful not for only people who have kids and are just busy little bees trying to get everything done but also for people to understand that its about our children and the future and they are our future.

If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. I would love to here your comments about what we all do to help out others not just those in need but everyone. It takes a Village.





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4 Responses

  1. Heidi says:

    This is a great suggestion. Our church runs a “stuff the backpack” challenge every summer for the school that is closest to it. I love it because it allows for us to give back while also ensuring that those kids won’t have to go without.

    The only thing I like to complain about during this time is the complaining I hear! 😉

  2. Shawna says:

    I absolutely love the message you have here! The love, caring, and appreciation for the teachers is an important thing. Coming from someone who was a teacher before, this post means so much!

  3. SaraLyn L says:

    I wouldn’t have thought to buy school supplies on-line. Sure would be handy just to have it delivered to your front door! The cool backpacks get picked over pretty quickly.

  4. Anitra says:

    As a teacher and a mother, I appreciate this post so much! I work in a private school, and try to teach the kids that not everyone is as fortunate as them. I would love to do a fundraiser of sorts with this idea in mind! Thanks for the great idea!

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