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Well, We are almost there. It’s almost time for the children to go back to school and get out of your hair. So what are kids most excited about when going back to school, The New Clothes and Shoes of course! This was always my favorite part of going back to school and I am sure it hasn’t changed much since we were all in school. Picking out the perfect outfit for the first day. Making sure your shoes were shined and clothes were clean.

Well, my daughter 8-year-old daughter isn’t any different. She was so excited to go to The Children’s Place and pick out a few new outfits and some shoes.  We went to the store to try on jeans because my daughter is super picky when it comes to jeans. But we do a lot of shopping online. If you go into The Children’s Place right before school starts it’s one of the craziest stores in the mall. Now it’s still a great store and everyone is super friendly and willing to help you find what you need but if you know what size your child wears and what they like It’s so much easier just to have it delivered to your doorstep Then the only screaming kids you will have to listen to are your own. We ordered a bunch of stuff and got it in less than a week. So if you think you don’t have time don’t worry about it. You have plenty of time left.

Now Children’s Place is one of our most favorite places to shop. They have cute stuff and is of good quality and is inexpensive. Now I am a bargain shopper so when I say they have good deals I mean it. And I will tell you why. The last shipment of clothes I ordered was:

1 dress, 7 shirts

4 uniform dresses, 3 uniform shirts

3 cartwheel shorts, 2 pairs of shorts

2 pairs of leggings, 2 night gowns

1 cardigan sweater, 1 zip-up hoodie

2 head bands,1 emoji scarf,  1 pair of shoes

1 pair of jeans, 1 pair of jean shorts

Now that is 32 items all together and I spent a whole $170 dollars. Now that is about $5 an item and there is even shoes and accessories in there. I think we did pretty good when it comes down to it.

Now if you haven’t noticed there is a little bit of a theme going on this year. Can you guess what it is? There are so many emoji’s that if I never see an emoji again I will be ok with it. And yes, of course, my daughter’s favorite is the poop emoji why would it be anything else.  Now my daughter does wear a uniform to school so we did have to buy the boring uniform stuff but we have dollar dress day and they can wear pretty much whatever they want. Also, she can spice up her uniforms with emoji hair clips and bows and whatever crazy shoes she wants. And I am sure when it gets cooler outside her coat will have to be emoji also. So are you ready for school yet? If not get out your check list and go online to The Children’s Place and you can get everything from socks and undies to their backpacks and lunchboxes.

Comment below and let me know what your kids are obsessing about his year. Hopefully, it’s not the poop emoji like mine.



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5 Responses

  1. Elizabeth O says:

    This used to be one of my kids favorite stores when they were younger. We used to spend hours there with them trying on new clothes and picking out outfits for school and more. It doesn’t change with each generation, I agree.

  2. Great post! My girls are just one year old and already have lots of stuff from The Children’s Place. We love that store, too! You did good!!!

  3. Kelly Reci says:

    My kids also love this store for their school supplies. Glad that you shared this, every kids would love it before back to school..

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