Back-To-School 5 Things To Get You Ready For A New School Year

Yes it is creeping up on us and for us here in Arizona school starts for us in about 2 weeks but the rest of you still have a little time. There are a few things that we do before school starts to make things flow better throughout the school year. We have to get ourselves back into the routine of making lunches and setting out clothes for the next week. Now we have to think about setting aside time for homework, bathtime, and after school activities. My daughter is going into 3rd grade and so there will be more of everything this year so I had to come up with a plan and we will do our best to stick to it.

Here is a list of a few things that will make it easier for everyone to stay on track this year.

#1 being prepared before the school year even starts

Now this means everything from buying clothes/uniforms to setting up a homework area so your child has everything in one spot. Now, of course, you need to buy school supplies but did you remember to buy extra for the home. You need glue at home for projects just as much as they need it at school.  We set up a little caddy on her desk full of everything she needs. Pencils, pencil sharpeners, scissors, paper. Basically everything on your kid’s school supply list times 2.

#2 Clothes/Uniforms

Now when we were in school we all had our eyes set on that new pair of shoes or that cool jacket what about the simple stuff like socks and undershirts. Yep, those are the things we seem to forget about. My daughter goes to a school where she has to wear a uniform you would think that it would make it easier and faster to pick out what to wear in the morning but nope she is a girl and nothing is easy. Skirt, dress or pant Oh My! Yes sometimes even having to make those choices can put her in tears and she is only in 3rd grade. Do you ever remember not going to school because your clothes didn’t agree with you that day? So we pick out everything for the week on Sunday and put it in one of those clothes caddies that you hang in your closet. It makes getting dressed in the morning go so much faster. We also include hair stuff and jewelry.

#3 Lunches

Now my daughter is super picky when it comes to food. So when it comes to school lunches she brings her own from home. She does eat breakfast at school so that is one less thing we have to think about in the mornings. So for school we setup a shelf in the frig and a self in the cupboards that is just for lunches and after school snacks. I get all her favorites and portion them out and then she can help with making her lunches in the morning or if she is going to die of starvation before dinner she can get something.

#4 Preperred Dinners

Now for most of us, the school year means more activities. We now have homework and after school activities, whether it’s sports and chess club it still takes time away from us when we are usually at home. So having easy fast meals are a must have. On the weekends when I cook I always try to make extra so there are left overs also on Sunday I may make something in the crock pot or at least chop up the vegetables and other things that I may want to use throughout the week so they are ready to go when I walk in the door.  It’s just as important to get dinner stuff prepped as it is to get lunch stuff prepped.

#5 Bedtime Routine

Now we try to be in bed before 8:00 pm. Now we don’t get home from our day until about 5:15 pm so this is always a challenge with everything that needs to be done but we usually do pretty good. If we start our routine about 7:15 pm which includes bath time, teeth time, and story time (we read for 20 minutes every night) we usually do pretty good. Now you see why the above preparations are all so important to my little family.

Everyone needs to find what works best for them and their family. I believe whole heartedly that if you have stability and routine in your life that you will go farther and get more done and become the successful person that you dream to be.

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